Monster Legends v12.4.2 Apk Mod [3 Star Win]

Monster Legends apk mod infinite money is an interesting game that mixes elements of a city building simulator and an RPG. Here you must build your kingdom and populate it with a wide variety of monsters. You need to participate in battles in the battle arena, against Ai and against real players. But to participate in the battles you will need warriors and here you will have to discover the talent of a creator in yourself, crossing and creating combat vehicles to participate in PvP battles.

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But that’s not all that every monster can be improved and developed; Monster Legends Infinite Gems you will need strategic planning skills. You have to earn money for army development in battles or find treasures on the game map. As in any other online game, you will have the opportunity to communicate with friends and other players.

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All monsters are unique and can be elves, pandas, golems, dragons and other amazing entities that are different from each other. All of them are divided according to two main parameters: the level of skills (level of HP, strength, speed, resistance and the possible gains from it) and also the elements to which they belong: Light and dark, nature, magic and others . It has already introduced over 180 unique monsters for epic battles with the forces of evil.


• Breed to produce fearsome hybrids for combat and feed them to gain new abilities.
• Over 100 unique monsters… and new beasts available every week.
• Take on opponents in 3 on 3 combat!
• Choose between Adventure or Arena modes. Test your skills, strategy and energy to the limit!
• Select your opponents, steal their resources and protect yourself from attacks.
• Fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard.
• Unlock treasures as you make your way through the Adventure Map – a world of wonders, dangers and unknown adversarial monsters that await you!
• Gain vital experience to level up your monsters.
• Be sociable. Visit and help your friends!

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In Monster Legends all infinity, it all starts with enemies attacking a peaceful land and worrying about capturing all territories except the one that belonged to the mage. He just didn’t want to give up. To bring back peace, he summoned and tamed monsters from a parallel universe. It is from this moment that the key opportunity of the game begins – the cultivation and pumping of creatures.

Do not forget your settlement in Monster Legends 3 star win hack because pumping is quite a difficult task. In order for monsters to develop normally, they will need to create all the necessary conditions, in particular, to modernize the incubator intended for the cultivation of these same creatures and their timely feeding. The mage, of course, uses tamed monsters in battles, for the successful completion of which he receives a reward that is later used to pump game properties.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher.


MOD INFO: 3 star win (whenever you win it will be by 3 stars or more).

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