3D online horror imposter v8.2.2 Apk Mod [No Attack / Free Items]

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In Imposter 3D online horror mod menu infinite money you will find yourself among the cosmonaut-heroes in a ruined spaceship, into whose territory a dangerous monster has fallen. Your main objective is to save all astronauts before the scary monster gets to them.

You can take the test alone or join other players from all over the world and up to 5 people to handle this difficult task. The main feature of this game is that the lights are off, so you have to move around in the dark, focusing only on a small area illuminated with your flashlight.

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A special screen will be placed in one of the rooms, in which you will be able to follow the movements of the monster. You have to move around the places and behave as silently as possible, in case a monster approaches it is important to have time to hide, for example, in the ventilation or in another secluded place.

You are waiting for intense gameplay, the atmosphere of twilight and unforgettable tests. Up to 10 players, among these players is an imposter that looks like the other players. But at any time he can turn into an imposter and catch other players! Use a vote to determine who the imposter is and expel him. Be careful and collect all the little ones.

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Space Station 12″ Something terrible has happened, all the crew are missing, but the little ones stayed! They all need to be saved, but in addition to the crew member and the mini-astronauts on the station, there is also an imposter… Beware of him, he’s among us!

Imposter 3D mod apk gameplay:

  • game for one player
  • Ability to play multiplayer with up to 10 players!
  • Transform into an Imposter in Mafia Mode
  • You can play as Imposter in both online PvP and Zombie mode!
  • To ward off the imposter, use traps in PvP, PvE and Zombie mode.
  • You can hide in a vent in case of danger!
  • The ability to turn off skrimmers
  • Hunt the Imposter with a Flashlight
  • You have a torch, it will help you to see in the dark, in the spooky season.
  • The doors are rusty, open them carefully, it may provoke an imposter.

Imposter 3D hack game modes:

  • PvE – play with friends against the computer-controlled imposter.
  • PvE – Spacemen against the imposter, players play for the imposter.
  • Zombie – Infestation mode, anyone captured by the imposter also becomes an imposter.

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– Fixed bugs in zombie mode
– Fixed bug with IMP13 map in single player

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.


MOD INFO 1: You can get free stuff without watching ads.


MOD INFO 2: Enemy does not attack, Ads disabled.
(Offline mode only!!)

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