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Crashlands v1.2.32 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

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Crashlands apk mod infinite money adventures on a dangerous planet that force you to have survival skills to survive in Crashlands will make you fall in love with the experience. You are tasked with driving a truck to move between galaxies, but suddenly one day, you are stranded on a planet called Woanope with a companion, the robot Juicebox.

This robot guy will give you ways to survive and find your lost goods. The game’s strange plot shows, to some extent, its appeal. Your main task is to find resources located all over the map. On a dangerous planet, you must fight and destroy strange beasts that appear unexpectedly. Also, you must learn to make the things you pick up become weapons.

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In-game weapons like swords, hammers, axes, armor will help you win faster. Each type of weapon will have its own characteristics, like swords that will help you make quick attacks, axes, the attack speed is slower, but the damage is respectable.

An animal will have its own strengths and different attack ranges, from which you will also learn many different unique attacks. It would be better if you used the sword to kill the weak beasts. As for axes and hammers, you shouldn’t attack the boss directly, but you should attack from the back. Just 1-2 hammers, you will defeat the opponent quickly. Therefore, you consider the opponent’s strength as using the weapon accordingly.

  Crashlands: screenshot

You can also create your own addressable base with just a few clicks on the screen, quickly building a huge base. When you go through the many challenges you will experience on the new planet, many creatures get weirder and of course your opponent has also increased significantly. The more the story expands, the more challenging you are.

Crashlands apk en It is designed with 2D graphics with fun characters, and you will feel like a cartoon character. Create funny characters with highly entertaining images and a panoramic view from the top. You can also play the game on multiple platforms to make it easier for players to access levels and craft various items on any device.

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If you died in Hardcore mode and one of your items was on cooldown,
this item would be stuck on cooldown in other saves until you restart the game. This must no longer happen.

Requires Android 4.3 or Higher.


MOD INFO: the game has a built-in save with various bonuses.

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